Women with Disabilities and the Justice System: Rights Without Remedies

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One example of how society has come to view gender and disability is demonstrated by the iconographic historical symbol of justice, the blindfolded Lady Justice. In a creative book, “Representing Justice: Invention, Controversy, and Rights in City-States and Democratic Courtrooms”, Yale law professors Resnik and Curtis trace the philosophical uses of the symbol, “Blindness as a deficit presumes that sight is requisite to understanding, whereas blindness as an asset presumes that sight can corrupt judgment.”  This iconic image highlights the ongoing debates about the role of women with disabilities in the justice system.  Historically and to today, many legal systems restrict the legal capacity of women who are blind, as well as women with other disabilities, solely because of their disability.  This contrasts with that blind (or blinded) icon of justice, Lady Justice, seen as a symbol of rationality and even handedness.


Please read & share on twitter, facebook and other social media –Stephanie Ortoleva, President, Women enabled – new post on the World Justice Project’s blog concerning women with disabilities & the justice system: http://worldjusticeproject.org/blog/women-disabilities-and-justice-system-rights-without-remedies

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