Promoting the human rights of more than a half a billion people worldwide

Launch of INWWD on August 27, 2008 in Quebec City, Canada

The International Network of Women with Disabilities (INWWD) is a group of international, regional, national or local organizations, groups or networks of women with disabilities, as well as individual women with disabilities and allied women. The mission of the INWWD is to enable women with disabilities to share our knowledge and experience, enhance our capacity to speak up for our rights, empower ourselves to bring about positive change and inclusion in our communities and to promote our involvement in relevant politics at all levels, towards creating a more just and fair world that acknowledges disability and gender, justice, and human rights. We are a group for women only. We invite ALL women with disabilities to join us and we will achieve these goals TOGETHER.

You can engage in dialogue with other women with disabilities around the world by joining the INWWD group’s email discussion group. Learn how to join the group by visiting http://groups.io/g/inwwd/.  Or, you may also communicate with the list owner by sending an email to inwwd+subscribe@groups.io.  She can explain more about the list or assist you in joining.

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  1. Congratulations to the WebTeam who have developed this site. This web presence will enable us to forge even closer links, and in solidarity to be stronger. The links to our collective websites will broaden our knowledge of each other’s work. This is an amazing resource. Thanks sisters.

  2. Margaret Bayly

     /  11 January, 2012

    Wow it really is happening. Well done and congratulations to the Web team.
    This is going to serve as a moment in time for women with disaiblites around the earth. As the world gets more connected to the internet I can see this site becoming a strong link between not only persons but women of the world. We all know there are still pockets of the ‘unplugged’.

  3. Iris P. Adderley

     /  22 January, 2013

    The strength of a chain is in the power of each link. WWDs in The Bahamas congratulate you. Together w/you we can make a difference as we seek to empower each other. Do you have a newsletter, or information on key issues your organization is addressing or researching?

  4. Congratulations for the Web team who have developed this site. I am so touched and happy to see that women with disabilities can now share ideas and learn from one another through networking. I am from Kenya in East Africa and we have women who would like to join the network. Glory to God. Jemimah

  5. Asha Hans

     /  27 October, 2013

    asha hans

  6. Muyi Okok

     /  26 December, 2013

    My name is Muyi Okok from Ethiopia. I am DEAF. I have just joined the team to chat. You are welcome to comment or inquire anything.

    • Terry-Lee

       /  21 January, 2015

      Thank you so much. I am a member of the Yahoo group and found this forum recently. I am advocate for women’s health in psychiatry.

  7. UWIMANA Nadia

     /  8 December, 2014

    we are happy to you.woman with disability from burundi
    i m engage to promote orther young woman with disability

  8. Terry-Lee

     /  21 January, 2015

    I would like to share my blog with INNWD on this forum. The blog is new and I cover the history of eugenics in psychiatry and impacts on the health of socially marginalized disabled and non-disabled women. See http://www.geneticfetishismsexandsocial

  9. Terry-Lee

     /  21 January, 2015

    Sorry the link is broken. If browsers are not automatically routed to http://www.geneticfetishismsexandsocialprogress.com please cut and paste into the address bar.

  10. Congratulations to all women with disabilities globally, I am posting from South Sudan the vice chairperson for South Sudan women with disability network.Thank for sharing with and we wish to get support agencies advocacy projects in South Sudan. Thank you

  11. Mrs Adedoyin Beyioku-Alase

     /  22 August, 2015

    Good day, Am the National preisdent of Deaf Women Association of Nigeria and a Deaf Grandma. I just find your network on google to be informed and share my experience, enhance our capacity to speak up
    for our rights, empower ourselves to bring
    about positive change and inclusion in our
    communities and to promote our involvement
    in relevant politics at all levels, towards creating
    a more just and fair world that acknowledges
    disability and gender, justice, and human
    rights. The work of this network is quite similar to d kind of work am doing here in Nigeria.
    Thanks and Looking forward for more information.
    Mrs Adedoyin Beyioku-Alase
    National President/ founder
    Deaf Women Association of Nigeria.

  12. Linda Means

     /  29 September, 2015

    Kudos to all the Women with Disabilities – I am happy to read this information and become more aware of the issues at hand. This is a glorious opportunity – I also serve as an advocate of Individuals (specifically Women). During my many years as a person with a Disability, I felt singled out, sadly a product of the late 50’s these issues were not widely spoken on. I truly applaud the many opinions, voices and happy faces – for United through love, passion and understanding, we are One. Buffalo, NY

  13. Congratulations,Am proud of them and hardworking.Please remember our country south Sudan and we have a new organization is called South Sudan Women with Disabilities Network.So please share with your colleagues.Thank you very much

  14. Amal

     /  27 February, 2017

    My name is Amal a mother of a down syndrome daughter she is 16 currently we live in south Africa. Iam happy to find this cite, definitely it will be of great value for her and for me as a mother and an advocate of people with special needs

  15. Diane Driedger

     /  17 October, 2018

    Call for Submissions

    Women with disabilities are invited to submit articles (up to 20 pages), art, photographs, poetry, blogs and essays. Living the Edges: A Disabled Women’s Reader, edited by Diane Driedger (Inanna, 2010) is being updated. The volume will discuss current issues in the lives of disabled women in Canada and internationally. Deadline for submissions is: January 1, 2019. Submit to Diane.Driedger@umanitoba.ca.

  16. inwwd2011

     /  22 November, 2020

    Anyone who is interested in joining the International Network of Women with Disabilities, please email us at inwwd+subscribe@groups.io. We are also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/InternationalNetworkOfWomenWithDisabilities.


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